Why I Finally Made a Business Plan

So, here’s the deal. Most writers I know, myself included, are dreamers. We have our head in the clouds, talk to fictional people and love to imagine “someday.” You know, that mythical day in the future where our book is published and we’re attending book signings for all our adoring fans. But it turns out, the writers that actually get to that “someday”, dreamt up a very real plan to get there.

I’m talking about creating the perfect Business Plan.

As a writer, I had never considered creating a Business Plan before. It didn’t really fit in with my creative, starving artist vibe I was sending out. But it turns out, creating the perfect Business Plan can help take your career to the next level. And now that I have one, I’m finding this to be true.

I broke it down into 3 different parts:

  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly

This way I can stay on track and narrow my goals down to small steps so as not to get overwhelmed or procrastinate (which is kind of my thing). You don’t plan a trip to Scotland by simply circling a date on the calendar. You buy the plane tickets, reserve the hotel, prepare your passport, pack your bags, save your money, etc.

So, here it is. My Perfect Business Plan:

Business Plan 2016

For Novel:

  • Finish 3rd round of edits; let novel simmer. DONE
  • Finish 4th round of edits DONE
  • Submit to Beta Readers DONE
  • Complete Beta Reader edits
  • Create Master list for potential Agents in my genre DONE
  • Write Query Letter
  • Begin Submissions by December 1st, 2016

For Author Platform:

  • Build Website DONE
  • Launch Website DONE
  • Get on Instagram DONE
  • Create Facebook Fan Page DONE
  • Write/post 1 blog post per week
  • Create and order Business Cards for author events
  • Get on GoodReads
  • Get on Wattpad
  • Get on Twitter

I’m on target with most of it so far, which is thanks to my

Monthly Business Plan:


  • Launch Website DONE
  • Post to blog 1x/week DONE
  • Finish 4th Round of edits DONE
  • Post to Social Media DONE


  • Submit Novel to Beta Readers DONE
  • Post to blog 1x/week DONE
  • Research at least 25 agents for potential submissions DONE
  • Post to Social Media DONE


  • Revise Novel per Beta feedback
  • Research 25 more agents for potential submission
  • Post to blog 1x/week
  • Research Query letters and draft a rough draft query
  • Post to Social Media


  • Finalize edits to Novel for plot holes and structure
  • Rework query letter
  • Post to Blog 1x/week
  • Post to Social Media


  • Send out Query to Top 10 Agents
  • Post to Blog 1x/week
  • Begin Outline for Book 2
  • Post to Social Media

And then to keep it all straight, I broke it down to each week in the month, but to spare you the bore of my day to day, I’ll just give you an example of one week:

Weekly Business Plan

October 10 – 14

  • Monday: Post to blog, rework middle chapters, post to Instagram
  • Tuesday: Continue rework of middle chapters, post to Facebook
  • Wednesday: rework middle chapters, post to Instagram, research query letter formatting
  • Thursday: rework middle chapters, post to Facebook, draft rough query
  • Friday: rework middle chapters, post to Instagram

You get the idea. Of course, sometimes I stray from the path as life happens.

For the most part, my perfect Business Plan is keeping me on target and closer to my “someday.”


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